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Earlier this year Masakazu Abe also known as ABEX in Japan the lead shaft designer at Crazy left the company along with several top craftsmen. It has always been Abe-san's dream to form his own shaft company so he began Triple X which goes by TRPX a high performance shaft company that uses only high modulus carbon. I first dropped by their head office in Shinjuku back in July to find out the scoop behind the company and it's products. Abe-san was originally the one who TourSpecGolfer dealt with when we started dealing with Crazy a few years ago, so he was more than happy to talk about the possibility of working with TSG again.

The key behind TRPX is quality and design. Every shaft is of course designed by ABEX and made of high modulus carbon using a new design ABEX dubs HPI or high power impact. TRPX is small so the focus is on lesser quantities with higher quality. 

TRPX Air Driver Shaft is made for the average player to be able to experience proper loading and unloading of the shaft.  It has the same high quality as the other TRPX line up and a very active tip section (LB or "Lightning Boost" technology) to help maximize the release of the club head.  It comes in a light 50 gram weight range that can be easily used by golfers of any strength.

Features and Technology

- High modulus material for consistent performance and feel.

- 47" length with light weight to help maximize swing speed.

- LB (Lightning Boost) technology that promotes a quick release of the tip section after the shaft is fully loaded.

- HPI (High Power Impact) technology (special construction) to promote maximum transfer of energy from the shaft to ball.


The TRPX Air's quick releasing tip section allows a player to play a longer length shaft without worrying about the club head lagging too far behind.  The TRPX Air is recommended for players with a smooth swing tempo.


Weight as follows:

RR- 55g  R-56g  SR-57g  S-58g  SX-59g  X-60g


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