Tourstage 2013 Phyz Forged Driver

Tourstage 2013 Phyz Forged Driver

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Tourstage introduces the new 2012 Phyz Forged Driver.  It is a premium driver made for feel, forgiveness, and distance for the average golfer.  It features a forged titanium face that is very consistent and durable to produce a soft feel and maximum ball speed for the average player.  It has a slightly shallower face design and a lower center of gravity than the previous model, making it easier to get a strong high trajectory.  It has a precisely calculated buldge and roll on the face to make it very forgiving on off center hits. The heel end of the face promotes a slight fade while the toe end promotes a draw, making it easier to hit the fairway after making contact.  Like, the previous Phyz drivers, it  features a Super Turbo Rubber technology.  It is a special piece of tungsten rubber material placed towards the heel end of the sole.  This allows much of the vibrations to be absorbed at impact, creating a consistent and soft feel every time.  It comes standard with a slightly close face angle to help square the face at impact.  The standard length is at 46" with a 460cc head volume to create a great combination of forgiveness and culbhead speed.  One of the key features of the new Phyz driver is the new PZ-503W carbon shaft.  It is designed with a mid kick like the previous model, but with a few modifications.  Compared to previous models, the tip section has been made very active.  This allows players to fully store and transfer energy to the ball at impact, even at low swing speeds.  The shaft promotes a full release of the clubhead, making it easy to maximize distance and play a consistent ball flight. The stock shaft is available in a PZ-503W, 50 gram model or a PZ-603, 60 gram model (only in stiff flex)

Available in 9.5, 10.5, or 11.5 lofts in 2 different shaft options.

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