Titleist Japan Tiger Woods Replica Iron Set 2-PW by Miura Giken (The 1998 Limited Edition) (Refurbished)

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The 1998 Limited Edition Titleist Japan Tiger Woods Replica Irons by Miura Giken

I’m sure many of you reading this blog are itching to get out to play some golf by now!! And so are we! While I, unfortunately, can’t actually help you to go out and play, I do want to treat you today with some real “eye candy” for die-hard JDM enthusiasts!

For those of you new to the blog, this is a 2 part post. First, you will want to go back and read ( Click Here ) Don’t forget to watch the YouTube video I made as well. ( Click Here ).

I would like to make a correction to what I said in the video that these are Tigers grind – While these are an extremely limited release they were made as a replica set for the Japan market by Miura Giken Japan. Not intended to be exactly what Tiger played back in the day.

We received the refinished heads back several months ago but just haven’t had the time to post them up.

Due to the rarity of these irons we decided on a very mild refurb. We could have removed every single ding but it would have taken a lot of weight off the head as well as alter the camber, bounce and grind. I’m so glad we did not as they are still identical to their true and original form.

The refinish was done 100% in Japan at the best plating factory that I know. The hand polishing was very light to maintain the original head weight. The grooves were cleaned well before and after the original plating was chemical stripped.

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Titleist Japan Tiger Woods Replica Iron Set 2-PW by Miura Giken

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