Taylormade TP Hydroblast Juno TB2 Truss Putter

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Introducing Taylormade TP Hydroblast Juno TB2 Truss Putter or TP Collection Hydro Blast Juno TB2 Putter

Birth of a New Classical Putter

The new "TP Collection Hydroblast" putter combines modern beauty with traditional shape to create a sense of luxury. This is achieved through the use of a new manufacturing method called "Hydroblast" which produces a clean and beautiful finish with a comfortable feel. The putter is available in eight different shapes to suit various stroke types.

Hydroblast Manufacturing Method

TaylorMade spent several years developing the Hydroblast manufacturing method, which adds a modern aesthetic to traditional putter shapes to create a sense of luxury. By blasting the surface with high-pressure water, the putter achieves both durability and a smooth gloss.

Classical Shape

The Juno TB1, which has a hosel on the heel side, has a more compact TRUSS hosel than its predecessor, making it suitable for stroke types that want more face opening and closing. The Juno TB2, with its center-shaft shape, is suitable for players who want to capture the ball along the extension of the shaft.

Optimal Stability

The TRUSS™ hosel, which has a triangular structure, is installed on the head to suppress face twisting during a mis-hit and improve the ball's straightness. The TRUSS is smaller than previous models, making it easier to open and close the face, and has a more natural appearance during addressing.

303 Stainless Steel

"303 Stainless Steel" is a high-value stainless steel material used in putters. Its easy machinability achieves a soft feel and subdued sound that tour players prefer.

Machine Milled Finish

The precision and low product error achieved through machine processing give a classical and familiar impression.

White Pure Roll™ Insert

The "TP Collection Hydroblast" also uses the "Ionomer (Surlyn®) + Aluminum" insert used in Spider X. The Pure Roll™ insert made of a composite material provides a soft feel while maintaining a sense of touch, while the 45-degree grooves on the insert support forward rotation from impact to cup-in.

Truss Design

While maintaining a classical and familiar shape, the TRUSS design is adopted to connect the head and hosel at two points, improving stability at impact. The design reduces the weight of the hosel's central portion and distributes it appropriately to increase the stability of the putter face at impact.


Head material Soft stainless steel (303SS)
Face type / material Equipped with PURE ROLL™ 3mm thick insert / ionomer (Surlyn®) + aluminum
Loft angle 3.0°
Lie angle 70°
Length (inch) 33, 34
Neck type Truss center
Balance type (toe hang angle) Face balance (0°)
Shaft TaylorMade Stepped Putter Steel Shaft
Grip TM LAMKIN SINK FIT SKINNY NV-WH (Diameter 58 / 79g)
sole weight weight 33" / 32" 2 x 15g
34" 2 x 10g


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