Smoked Copper Titleist Cold Forged Vokey Wedges by TSG Club Works

Smoked Copper Titleist Cold Forged Vokey Wedges by TSG Club Works

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Presenting TSG Club Works Modified Cold Forged Vokey Wedges - Smoked Copper Finish, It's trendy and many of our customers have been sending in a variety of wedges for our Japanese Hand Made Smoked Copper treatment for a couple of reasons,  the first is with copper the heads have a softer sticker feel at impact,  second is after several rounds you begin to see them transform into a beautiful patina finish which people seem to enjoy.

It's a more rustic and crafty appearance for sure andworth noting is more than 70% of PGA Tour pro's use wedges that will wear in a raw form,  or oxide style finish but smoked copper seems to not only trump those in feel but also in character after long term use.

it does take about 4 weeks to ship and they do cost a bit more but it takes time and work to produce these,  first we order the wedges brand new and remove the shafts then we send them into our copper plating factory in Japan which puts a beautiful and thicker quality copper process to the wedge head and finally the smoked look is applied by hand at TSG Club Works.  If bending is required we bend before refinishing as well,  next we ship the heads only or re-shaft it with the standard or a custom spec shaft/grip for you.

Normally custom builds from OEM's take 3-4 weeks anyway so our TSG Club Works lead time of 4 weeks isn't so bad especially for the unique look and feel the wedge has when it lands at your doorstep.  From different angles the finish looks different,  in direct sun light it's more orange and you can see the finishes nuances while in the shade it looks darker and smooth.


- Japan Only Cold Forged Vokey Wedge

- Refinished in Japan with Copper Finish

- Smoked Finish applied by Hand in Japan 


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