Sky Dream Jump Pro TB Forged Wedge Head Only

Sky Dream Jump Pro TB Forged Wedge Head Only

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Three Luck is another one of those smaller companies that goes by relatively unnoticed. It's Sky Dream Jump wedges however have been very popular among hardcore golf enthusiasts looking for soft forged feel, an awesome grind and monster spin. With presence on the Japanese tour and in the bag of many top amateurs, Three Luck decided that they would also release a few of their Tour conforming groove wedges to the general public. Originally they offered only their non conforming grooves D-Tour Type Bite and Type Bite Wide Sole as the only wedges available for recreational golfers.

CNC Milled faces and grooves for more spin...

While the new tour model wedges do sport conforming grooves, the Sky Dream Jump's are said to spin more than the average wedge because each wedge is carefully CNC Processed. This includes full milling of the face and the grooves/score lines one by one. Sky Dream Jump believes this precision milling creates better spin from the grooves and face of the wedges and irons compared to those on the market that possess punch/stamped grooves. Sky Dream Jump claims that their wedges spin as much as other brands that use punched non conforming grooves.

New Sky Dream Jump TB and WS Wedges

The new Sky Dream Jump wedges are called the SDJ Pro Groove Series. They feature 2 premium forged S25C models, the TB and the WS. The TB is the new Type Bite model, featuring a compact head, less offset and thinner sole. The TB has toe and heel grind and a flowing long neck design with sharper head lines. It's meant for control and workability.

The WS is the new Wide Sole model offering a bit more forgiveness and ease of use thanks to the wider and rounded grind sole that reduces fat shots and excels in bunkers. The WS has a lower center of gravity and a shorter neck  for increased MOI.  With slightly more offset the WS is the more automatic of the two wedges.

The WS is available in a non plated flat black finish while the TB features either a Nickel Chrome Satin or the same non plated flat black finish.

All the new Sky Dream Jump wedges are available as very limited models, mostly meant for Japan pros and top amateurs. Each wedge is individually numbered on the back cavity to verify through Three Luck that that wedge has been fully face milled for the tour.

This listing is for the type TB, available in 51/8 56/12 and 58/12 heads only in NiCr plated satin or unplated flat black.

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