SEVEN x Shinagawa MB Irons 4-PW ( 7pcs ) - Mix Custom Finishes - Heads Only

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- Heads Only

- Mix custom finishes - Each count has a different finish

- 4-PW


Introducing the SEVEN X SHINAGAWA Blade! This product is a 3-way collaboration design between SEVEN + SKG Shinagawa + Kitada CNC creating a sexy new muscle back iron with inspiration from the classic Macgregor golf irons.

We started by sourcing Japanese S15C billets to produce the blank iron head for this specific design,  then after the initial prep grind these heads were sent to Kitada CNC to have the edgy back face milled  for consistency in look and weighting perfectly placing the CG depth, height, and location in the perfect spot for each iron,  also, the Seven Logo on the back face and neck were CNC milled instead of pressed.  After Kitada-San they were sent back to Shinagawa-san for the complete grinding of the heads,  extremely limited over two years in the making we are extremely confident in the performance, feel, and quality of SEVEN’s latest creation,

For those who are not familiar with the brand SEVEN GOLF, it is the house label of TourSpecGolf using only Japanese materials, manufacturing, finishing, parts and assembly it is the forged essence of Japanese Golf Clubs using clean and modern concepts combed with classic influences for the purest player.

As with many SEVEN clubs, the custom options are abundant in the above image you see black boron plated head with red paint fill and on the bottom a smoked copper finish.

We also offer smoked copper with more or less chocolate meaning it can have more gold show through at the customer's request.   Below the Black Mirror finish provides a soft, sticky impact as the ball compresses against the surface;  it’s a luxurious dark chrome in the light or a black-looking finish in the shadows.

The grind itself is something we are very proud of we wanted something unique yet still familiar and through countless prototype samples we designed what we feel is the perfect grind for size, shape, and cg locations on the head.

The toe’s highest peak is pushed out past the scoreline to a sharp toe look, the offset is near nothing it’s just enough making it much more hittable, this is the least amount of offset to maintain the optimal performance of this iron, and we tried zero, but in the end, the eye wins and we pushed toward near-zero offset and the result is beautiful from all angles.

During the manufacturing process, we had a few ways to go when it came to the irons impact vibration, by manipulating the hardness rating and or choosing a different finish the feel varied widely this is also why it took us so long to produce with any blade feel is extremely important you don’t want a  gushy soft all over the face when what the better player desires are feedback on mis-hits yet a soft cold stick of butter feel dead center almost as if the ball disappears off the face. We accomplished our goal.


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