Seven X Gold's Factory SM490A Putter

Seven X Gold's Factory SM490A Putter

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SEVEN X GOLD'S FACTORY - Introducing a new collaboration series by SEVEN GOLF together with Master Masayuki Sasaya of the Prestigious Gold's Factory in Japan. Together with Master Sasaya we feel we can bring you the very best hand crafted putters that money can buy, in the coming months we will be showcasing various special edition SEVEN putters that have been meticulously altered and modified by Master Sasaya himself.

The main selling point of SEVEN putters is the use of the Japanese SM490A material known to be the perfect compromise between SUS303 which many say feels too firm and FE Carbon, which many agree feels too soft, SM490A has been proven to produce a mild and dense sensation like a cold stick of butter.

What people love about SEVEN putters is the shape it's a thicker style shape designed to provide a more stable and forgiving end over end roll. So what is different about this collaboration effort between SEVEN X GOLD's FACTORY? First, notice the shorter neck, SEVEN only produces one piece putters unlike many brands that CNC mill their heads separately, we then asked Master Sasaya to cut off the neck and slightly shorten it.

Next you can see we added a no paint fill sight dot to add a subtle alignment enhancement.  Notice the red seven logo out on the toe it's there because this is the base head of a SEVEN SM490A Blank Proto Series Putter.

The head was finished in Japan with a Black Boron plating that is durable yet looks very much like a black satin finish.

The face is the original deep swirl milling used used by seven,  this is optimal for average speed greens and provides an end over end roll,  often with deep milling putters can feel too soft but with years of testing the combination of SM490A and this milling, pattern has proven to be the best of both worlds.

Professional welding intentionally cut high on the neck to show off that the putter was originally one piece from a single block of steel then the neck removed.  Other brands would choose to save metal and money by producing the two parts separately.

A one of a kind putter on Master Sasaya's work bench.

Pre and post finish Gold's Factory cures the head in their mini oven this helps the finish apply in a more uniformed fashion it's considered an additional double heat treatment altering the metal which we have labelled SM490X.  The heel side of the sole says JAPAN.

The VM Tech Insert between the hosel and shaft  add's 20g weight bringing the putter to 353g and also reduces vibration for better feel.  Vibration has a lot to do with time and sound,  the amount of time sound that travel through the head up the shaft into the grip and hands ultimately reverberating in the ears creates the sensation what we did was test SM490A + Deep Milling + a VM tech insert to further dampen and delay the amount of time it takes the vibrations to reach your ear which creates a better feel.

We spared no expense on this putter by opting for the VM-Tech insert in gold.

We also decided to install the SEVEN X GOLD'S FACTORY Putters with the expensive black Spine Aligned Teramoto putter shaft; it's heavy and in combination with the VM Tech insert provided a wonderful feel.

The total weight of this one off putter is 529g with a D8.6 swing weight; the lie angle was adjusted to 71.5* with a 5* loft angle that measures effectively of 4*. The face angle an optimal 4* open with a 1.3* open shaft angle. The grip is the Elite iB67 in Red.


Seven X Gold's Factory SM490A Putter

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