Seven X Gold's Factory Dual Slit Putter

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The new collaboration series by SEVEN GOLF together with Master Masayuki Sasaya of the Prestigious Gold's Factory in Japan. Together with Master Sasaya we bring you the very best hand crafted putters that money can buy, in the coming months we will be showcasing various special edition SEVEN putters that have been meticulously altered and modified by Master Sasaya himself.

The main selling point of SEVEN putters is the use of the Japanese SM490A material known to be the perfect compromise between SUS303 which many say feels too firm and FE Carbon, which many agree feels too soft, SM490A has been proven to produce a mild and dense sensation like a cold stick of butter.

This could be the best one yet,  it's got a new dual slit sole and a special face milling pattern called vertical PZ.  It's finished in NiCr satin with a hand polished sole and face so from all the right angles there is no glare.

This putter is based on a SEVEN Blank Sole Prototype head it's SM490A combined with the masters touch take this putter to a whole new level.  Even if you own the finest from Circle T Cameron's to the Tour Stock Bett's the SEVEN X GOLD's Factory putters put them to shame in fit, feel, roll and finish.

Engraved on the neck in "Japan" the polished face surrounding the hand milled vertical PZ design is stunning this is not CNC'd by machine it's milled by hand and as you can see below it's perfect and precise.

This is a very heavy head due to the 2 X 20mm tungsten weights on the sole and the VM tech insert 392g head weight in total with a total of 558g and F1.2 swing weight.

Gold's Factory measures the loft at square then after opening the face and setting the shaft angle the real loft is effectively at 4*.

The contrast of the black Teramoto shaft combined with the gold finish VM tech insert and finally the Japan NiCr Satin gives it an expensive sexy appeal. Finished off with Elite iB67 dark blue grip to match the fill,  this grip also has a chrome butt end for added effect and style.


Seven X Golds Factory Dual Slit Putter

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