Seven Original Series 64* Wedge

Seven Original Series 64* Wedge

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The evolution of the brand continues,  introducing the all new SEVEN Original Series 64* Wedge an idea born in the forums of TSG by member request while at the same time our brand SEVEN was producing a new wedge grind specifically suited for 60* lofts.

This new grind is designed with the purpose of making high lofted wedges sit without rocking open yet still let you open the face.

It's no doubt a specialty wedge designed for some very particular situations where 64* of loft can be utilized it's great out of greenside bunkers and perfect for hitting short and high soft landing shots,   Our goal was to produce a 64* wedge that would stay in the bag over the long term not just be some gimmicky loft.

The thought process was that the new 64* had to first and foremost be as easy to hit as we can make it without compromising a shape and size,  one of the flaws we noticed in todays more extreme grind wedges is the 60* often rocks open too easily by simply laying it flat or even the slightest hand adjustment where as approach wedges are designed to sit flatter and more square to the target line so we basically made an approach style grind with just the perfect amount of trailing edge relief to open it slightly.

The SEVEN 64* Original Wedge can also take pride in where it's made,  it's materials and our friends in Himeji Japan who manufacture these clubs by hand and have been perfecting the art of golf head grinding for over a generation which is not something that can be mass produced.

The shape sublime and it carries a touch of onset,  see when making a 64* it requires a high lofted mold, bending, and a skillful grinder to pull it off the 64* had to be beautiful at address and not funky it had to look like your 56 or 58*,  it had to produce consistent results,  it had to feel soft,  it had to spin like no other...  And spin it does!

Non conforming grooves that's right this isn't for anyone playing competitive golf or USGA sanctioned events or posting to their handicap this is for your enjoyment and being able to new things, besides you probably already have a half dozen conforming wedges in your garage part of your collection.

Our new golf-specific brushed satin finish is very durable it's still soft  and has a brighter sheen to it that still does enough to reduce shine during mid days sun,  paint fill is a translucent red.

Head Only 64* 11* Bounce

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