Seven OG Wedge - 60° - Non Conforming - Head Only

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Introducing SEVEN OG Wedge - Only 6 months ago TSG launched our very own in house brand to the public.   The concept behind the company is to produce products made exclusively in Japan and utilizing the best crafters and factories Japan has to offer,  the "Original" wedges will always be a part of the SEVEN line up evolving into a wedge that we hope golfers believe as perfect in 4 key areas:  Grind/Shape,  Spin,  Feel,  and Versatility.

Comparing the new SEVEN OG Wedge to the previous version we have made quite a few changes first and foremost is the shape,  we tapered the neck a little making it a hybrid between what's commonly seen in Japan a higher neck and what PGA tour players prefer a more lower tapered neck with teardrop shape this provides a sense of confidence at address reducing the fear of the dreaded shank.   The toe section has been rounded to appear more symetrical and in the higher lofts we have increased the amount of onset which better players love yet average golfers can also hit consistently.

New Finish - previously we had used Kyoei for our brushed satin although our clubs are not forged or hand ground there we enjoyed the softer feel of their finish,  this time around by adjusting the softness via heat treatment of the metal it has allowed us to go with an even more beautiful and durable finish as seen in these photos,  it's a brighter NiCr brushed satin that contains more nickel and will be used across the entire line from here on out,  Our wedges are Forged SS400 which is basically the same as S20C but simply measured based on tensile strength instead of carbon content,  we found this to provide the absolute best sense of soft feedback during impact.

The stamping configuration has been revised as well using a cool new modern font and an angled brand name and logo,  the loft on the sole has also been improved to match the overall theme of the wedges.  We do offer custom paint fill  but the standards are translucent red or blue depending on your style. 

Important to note is that these wedges are made using non conforming grooves that spin like heck,  we do have a limited quantity of conforming groove wedges as well actually very few but I will say the difference between the spin is noticeable and for many of our clients they love  the extra zip these wedges provide.

Another thing we did was increase the head weight by 2g making these pretty heavy  the 52* is 300g while the 56/60/64 are 304g.  This year the 2016 SEVEN wedge is offered in 52/56/60 with a limited edition 64*  for those who play 52/58 we have the SEVEN double milled wedge to choose from.  The 52/56/60 feature a low bounce design at 8* we found this setup to work especially well with firmer conditions but also thanks to the sole grind and leading edge relief excel in softer turf as well.

All Seven products are available with custom assembly and expert installation with all after market shafts and grips. Custom Lie, Loft, and Refinishing options available.  The new 2016 SEVEN Original Wedge is now shipping and in stock while supplies last so if your looking for a  soft, high spin and versitile wedge

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