SEVEN Hizukuri Proto-L Blade Putter

SEVEN Hizukuri Proto-L Blade Putter

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Some Japanese Golf Clubs are still made the old fashion way like SEVEN's Hizukuri Putter -  It starts with our heavy head made of S20C the furnace is heated to about 1200 degree's putting the S20C on the verge of melting which makes it easier to manipulate and bend by hand.

The crafter then pulls the head from the fire while it's glowing red and pounds and pounds with a hammer over and over again layering the steel and compressing it while pulling and bending the neck section to shape.

After the head is in it's basic form the grinder takes over to meticulously hand grind it to the desired shape and weight,  with classic style designs like this  it's very difficult to make a heavy head but by utilizing the ancient Hizukuri forging process we are able to condense more weight into this smaller head,  it is the only way and in my opinion really cool.

Usually these L shaped putters being so light and just their overall design work best on blazing fast greens or require a bigger & stronger stroke to get the same distance as a modern putter so we decided to keep it null of any face milling which maintains the most distance possible.

And because of the hand forgiving process the S20C is actually forged first by press then forged once again by hand so it's uber soft following that the metal is tempered in water then sits for 2 days in the ashes of rice straw to further cure it's molecular structure.

we then send them to get the softest finish possible applied because flat faces tend to feel firm but the result of the hand forgeding + material and finish this putter feels buttery soft at center.

We thought long and hard about adding milling but decided to keep it classic,  we thought long and hard about stamping but thought nah how can we ruin this head with anything on it,  forget branding,  forget what brand made it all that does not matter,  this is SEVEN this is what the player wants it is not blank the brand is just invisible :)

SEVEN Hizukuri Proto-L Blade Putter

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