SEVEN Double Milled Soft Black Wedge Set 52° and 58° - Heads Only

SEVEN Double Milled Soft Black Wedge Set 52° and 58° - Heads Only

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INVENTORY SALE - SEVEN Double Milled Soft Black Wedge Set 52° and 58° - Heads Only

Introducing the new SEVEN Double Milled Wedge which officially goes on sale in set of two lofts 52* & 58*. Both lofts share that M Style grind which was a different way to do things as usually the approach wedge has less trailing edge, toe and heel relief but we felt that offering an approach wedge with a similar grind to the SW so players can open the face to hit a higher approach with more spin.

These wedges are Forged of SS400 in Kyoto and hand ground in Himeji Japan we then send the heads to golf specific plating companies to apply it's beautiful finish after that the heads are sent to Tokyo where TSG's master club makers polish, add paint fill and assemble.

And yet the most intriguing part of the SEVEN Double Milled Wedge is it's aggressive face milling.

Aggressive isn't it? So normally you would think it's the dual pass face milling that creates a silly amount of spin but actually that comes secondary to it's CNC milled deep box grooves, they are considered non-conforming to say the least. SEVEN has been working on a unique groove pattern combined with a grind that any "wedge guy" would have a blast hitting, lay it open, flop it, insane spin even in wet conditions have fun :)

Note For This Product Listing:

1. It' contains of two lofts: 52° and 58°

2. this set is Heads Only

3. This is SOFT BLACK Finish 

*Please also note that the images in this listing do not always represent the real product, it's just close / identical or just examples of the products you'll get.

SEVEN Double Milled Soft Black Wedge Set

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