2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver - Type-G

2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver - Type-G

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Ryoma's company policy is to only release a new product when there is a performance difference from previous versions. The new 2016 Maxima is the first driver to be released in three years following the D-1 in 2009 and the D-1 MAXIMA in 2013.

The New 2016 Maxima driver's greatest features are the world's lowest center of gravity and the high rebound initial velocity.

The New "2016 Ryoma MAXIMA" is a complete revision of the original design. It further improves on the company's own patented DSI technology and has achieved the astounding feat of outperforming its famed predecessor by a distance of 10 yards on each shot. Designed using an unprecedented new forging method involving a new technique that utilizes every last gram of head weight to create the best distance driver in golf today.

An "under press Cup crown" featuring a bend angle of up to 130 degrees was created, which is impossible for all other titanium alloys. The welding position has been substantially lowered, and extremely high-density 17g tungsten powder was employed in the design of the new "anti-roll power booster". A lowering of the center of gravity corresponding to a score line interval of 5mm per club was implemented while maintaining the deep face shape, which achieved a low center of gravity rate of 50%.

Compared to ordinary drivers from other companies, the back spin has been reduced by 900 rpm on average. Also the average initial velocity was improved by 3.8mph as a result of the strengthening of the spring effect extending across the body. Our company has created an unrivaled high-performance club that belongs in a new category of its own. By continuing to create products that perform beyond their price, we strive to remain a producer trusted by golfers.

 Features & Technology:

- 3 Years in the Making
- Now 10 Yards Longer
- New Proprietary Titanium Material
- New Cup Crown Structure
- Increased Flex in Body
- 50% lower Center of Gravity
- 900rpm less spin than competitors
- +3.8mph Average Initial Velocity Gain
- New Anti Roll Power Booster 


Comparison Specs of the Different models:

Type D:  

 - Head Weight:  196.5g (included weight 13g)
 - Length:  45.25"
 - Face Angle:  9.5 Closed +0.5*;  10.5 Closed +1*;  11.5 Closed +1*;  12.5 Closed +2*
 - Silver Finish
 - Shaft:  Tour AD M2-D / Mid Kick / (6 Stiff, 63g, 3.9 Torque / 5 Stiff, 55g, 4.4 Torque / Stiff/Reg, 48g, 4.6 Torque / Reg, 45g, 4.9 Torque / R2 Soft Reg, 44g, 5.2 Torque / Ladies Flex, 42g, 5.9 Torque ) 

Type G:

 - Head Weight:  187.5g (included weight 4g)
 - Length:  46.5" 
 - Face Angle:  9.5 Closed +0.5*;  10.5 Closed +1*;  11.5 Closed +1*
 - Gold Finish
 - Shaft:  Tour AD M2-G / Mid Kick / (Stiff, 54g, 3.9 Torque / Stiff/Reg, 53g, 4.2 Torque / Reg, 49g, 4.3 Torque / R2 - Soft Reg, 48g, 5.0 Torque)

Type V:

 - Head Weight:  196.5g (included weight 13g)
 - Length:  45.25" 
 - Face Angle:  9.5 Square; 10.5 Square
 - Black Finish
 - Shaft:  Tour AD M2-V / Mid Kick / (Stiff, 63g, 3.8 Torque / Stiff/Reg, 56g, 4.1 Torque / Reg, 53g, 4.3 Torque)

Weight Kits available for Customers to change the weights.


2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver Type-G

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