Romaro Ray Alpha Driver

Romaro Ray Alpha Driver

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Romaro Ray Alpha Driver - RomaRo Sports has come out with an entirely new line up labelled "Alpha"  Today after about 3 rounds and some help from playing partners we can review their new flagship driver.  Available in Silver or Gold with the difference being the Gold is non conforming aka HOT and only available in 10.5 with a 0.5* closed face angle.  The Alpha SLE (silver) also has a 9.5* loft and comes standard at square face,  both are 460cc's with a 58* lie angle. 

Who is this for?  It's geared to the player who wants a full size 460cc mid/high launch semi low spin driver.  Who is that?  It's the usually a mid handicap player who swings under 100mph the lower spin will help straighten the shot and reduce ballooning while at the same time it's shallow face aids in getting the ball up.

Overall it's incredibly forgiving across the majority of the impact area.  This is one of the key features as the face is a new Forged Cup  TVC Titanium and what RomaRo has done is completely re-design the behind the face structure so it's thicker in the center and across symmetrical beams to the toe and heel what this does is spread forgiveness across the entire hitting zone helping you stabilize mistakes made.

The rest of the head consists of a forged thin crown made of 15-3-3-3 which is a rather common material as well as a 6-4Ti body which we also see often but the crowns three-piece structure is a very thinly forged making it only 0.4mm thick which causes the crown to flex creating an almost spring-like effect for a high launch and low spin for more distance. The excess weight by having such a thin forged crown allowed RomaRo's designers to place more weight deep and low.

Available at TSG Head Only or Custom Shafted we have a wide range to choose from please inquire to [email protected] with custom build questions.


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