Romaro Ray 460HX Black Driver Head Only

Romaro Ray 460HX Black Driver Head Only

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Romaro Sports introduces their all new Ray 460HX Drivers! The Romaro Ray 460HX comes in both a Black model (Conforming) and a Gold model (NON Conforming 0.88 Hi COR). Both heads feature flat black IP finish and are distinguished by their badge (black or gold) and paintfill colors.

The Ray 460HX are 460cc models with a high back design and semi deep face. They are designed for maximum distance performance and ease of use. Both models share similar design cues and materials with differences in the face thickness and higher spring effect of the Hi COR. The Ray 460HX models utilize a beta titanium called SAT2041. The faces are forged and then chemically milled to produce variable thickness which expands the sweet area and minimizes distance loss on miss hits whether it be high or low or towards the toe or heel.  SAT2041 is reasonably rigid which allows for thinner face areas without sacrificing strength and rebound.  This does not however reduce the feel in anyway. The SAT2041 is solid while still being soft. It's face design is made for massive levels of forgiveness.

The Ray 460HX models use back weighting to control launch and spin.  Because of its placement, the CG is not as low in the Romaro as other typical average golfer models which actually creates a lower spin flight and a stronger trajectory. This results in both optimal carry and run. The nice Ray HX badge you see on each head is in fact the back weight. On top of the back weight, Romaro designed what is called a Harmonized Fin System.  The fin system sits in the center of that groove you see crossing through the badge. That groove is called a power ridge which increases the rigidity of the bottom of the drivers face. The HFS system uses 6 fins in a circular design which help absorb vibrations and stabilize the head at impact for maximum energy transfer.

Unlike many distance and easy to use average golfer models today, the 460HX heads are not flat and shallow. But rather deep faced and high back. Again this is a sign that the CG is not simply placed as low as possible. This driver launches strong and this has been a characteristic of all Romaro drivers.

At address the Ray 460HX models are neither compact nor large, they set up just right and provide a pleasing mix of confidence without being distracting. The 460HX Black features a square face angle. The 460HX Gold on the other hand is spec'ed as slightly closed and varies from 0.5 to 1.0* closed.  The closed face angle on the Gold is to compensate for the slightly longer club length it is intended to have (46.25"). The longer the club gets, the harder can be for an average golfer to square the face. Both heads are real specs for lofts angles.

The Ray 460HX are aimed at the golfer looking for an easy to use driver with maximum distance. It's quality and level of performance is right up there with Ryoma, Epon and Crazy heads.

This listing is for the USGA Conforming Ray 460HX BLACK Model as head only (comes with head cover). 

The Ray 460HX Black is approximately 197g plus or minus 2g (if you need up to 199g of as light as 195g please specify it in the comments section).

We suggest the 460HX Black be built between 45.00 to 45.75" for maximum performance and balance.

The hosel size of the 460HX Black is 0.335" ready for all your favorite shafts.

TSG can also custom build the Ray 460HX Black with any shaft and grip available in Japan to your specs.  Please contact us for more details.

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