Romaro 2014 Ray 455LX Type R Forged Driver

Romaro 2014 Ray 455LX Type R Forged Driver

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Romaro 2014 Ray 455LX Forged Driver is a new design that was created to provide maximum forgiveness and distance.  It is made to match the forgiveness and easy high launch characteristic of the popular Ray fairway wood and utility clubs.  It features a smooth round shape with a luxurious Black iP finish.  

Features and Technology

- SP-700 Forged cup face for consistent feel and superior rebound.

- Two piece head construction with a thinner face than the previous model to maximize energy transfer.

- 455cc head size with wide hitting area for added confidence.

- Shallow face design with low CG for a very easy launch and strong ball flight.

- Straight face angle for easy alignment and workability in both directions. 


The 2014 Ray 455LX Forged Driver comes standard with the new RJ-TB graphite shaft.  It is a low/mid kick shaft made with an active tip section to help accelerate the club head through impact. It is made light weight (52/53/56grams) and can be easily controlled by golfers of all strengths.


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