Roddio NP Series Shaft

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Introducing Roddio NP Series Shaft.

The "RODDIO NP SERIES SHAFT" is manufactured by introducing the world's top rod (fishing rod) technology and leading-edge, top-of-the-line materials that the top fishing brand "DAIWA" has to its fullest without hesitation.

It is a masterpiece of RODDIO slimming that overturns the common characteristics and specifications of conventional golf shafts.

In order to make a shaft that is both "lightweight" and "strong", it is carefully molded by superimposing super thin and tough top-grade carbon sheets in tens of layers. Specifically, we adopted the technology to form a stack of 20 or more layers for a thickness of only 1 mm. The extremely thin and strong sheet is not only superior in quality but also extremely delicate material, so it is difficult to handle, and when it is to be laminated in tens of layers, skilled technology is, of course, more advanced. Equipment and management system are required. "NANOPLUS" is a manufacturing method that can only be achieved because of the world-class "DAIWA TECHNOLOGY", and it is a crystal consisting of the highest peak materials, molding technology and management system.

During shaft molding, voids (air) that enter into the gaps of the fault cause factors such as molding defects and the inability to sufficiently extract the original characteristics of the sheet. "GAPLESS ROLLING" is an advanced technology unique to RODDIO that eliminates this void to the limit. By forming thin, delicate characteristics unique to lightweight sheets while maintaining high-quality conditions, it eliminates unstable head behavior during swinging and unstable elements such as loss on impact during impact, which are common to lightweight shafts.

The "T1100G" is a cutting-edge fiber developed by Toray, one of the leading chemical products, for aerospace and space applications. Both the elastic modulus and strength, which were not compatible with conventional high-grade fibers, are achieved at an unprecedented high level.-"RODDIO NP SERIES SHAFT" is a high-impregnated resin loaded with nanotechnology in this fiber. Performance Prepreg is used in full length of the entire shaft. Furthermore, since this is laminated in dozens of layers, the content of this high performance prepreg in the entire shaft reaches 60%. Please enjoy the performance of the different dimension that could not be obtained with a conventional shaft, which is light in weight, high in strength, and reduced in torque.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 3 different models based on its weight.

- Each model has different finish ART means Colored. CHIC means silver color

- NP 3 Art model has Magenta Color

- NP 4 Art model has Orange Color

- NP 5 is not yet available

- Head Cover included.

Roddio NP Series Shaft

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