Roddio i-Series Hi-Speedcross Iron Shaft Set

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Introducing Roddio i-Series Hi-Speedcross Iron Shaft Set.

The "HI-SPEEDCROSS" series is a lightweight utility combined an iron shaft with a combination of W KICK EI (double kick EI) design and HI MOMENT (high moment) design to provide golfers with a high trajectory and maximum flight distance. A very distinctive design is given to the lower part and the tip part of the grip, I feel that supple and comfortable feeling can be felt without feeling the weakness of the waist which tends to be in the conventional lightweight shaft, even the iron " It is an ideal shaft for golfers pursuing ". Please enjoy the self-confidence full

PIANO TOUCH ROLLING" means that a winding process usually carried out by sandwiching a carbon sheet between a pair of flat tables can be made only by a special machine in which the table portion is slender and finely divided like a keyboard of a piano It is a recipe to become. In this epoch-making machine, since the table part winds up and down like a keyboard of a piano due to the pressure at the time of rolling, it is necessary to make a dynamic shape made of a unique taper such as "HI-SPEED CROSS" Enabled. RODDIO is ideal for ladies golfers and senior golfers who can obtain a sense of timelessness and a sense of swing that is not defeated even by the resistance of turf, despite the shaft that is lightweight and strongly bent, by making full use of this manufacturing method A shaft was born.

In order to express a unique speckle pattern, among the traditional techniques from ancient times in Japan, "Tsugaru paint", we adopted a part of the process of "Karakuri (Karakuri)" which is regarded as the most representative technique. It is a tasty look like a luxury lacquerware that exactly the skill of a craft can do because skilled craftsmen finish each one carefully by hand, so they can not have the same pattern.

About This Product Listing

- Set Contains 6 shafts.

- Iron shaft

- The shaft set delivery will be based on the flex you choose ( Check Table below )

Roddio i-Series Hi-Speedcross Iron Shaft Set

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