Razzle Dazzle CS-01W Wedge Black Boron By TSG Club Works

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These wedges are unique and feature a high bounce in 13* and 15* making them very easy to play.  A "Claw Sole" has been notched into the toe area it starts almost midway on the sole with enough relief to give the player a good amount of play to open and tilt the face.

Normally in a Satin Finish TSG Club Works has put their special touch on these giving them a unique and durable black boron finish.  This finish is a plating so it holds up very well,  the black also hides size making this wedge appear more compact so in the end you can have a very forgiving wedge that doesn't look oversized at all.

Gotta love the intricate CNC back face on this wedge,   the modern font and special claw sole toe relief sole grind.  In black boron this wedge looks more stealth and manly.

Another angle of the sole grind.  High bounce is usually considered best for steeper descending angled attacks but Abe-san has specially developed this sole to sit flatter and flow through turf evenly for the player who slides in near level at impact.

For some reason the majority of golfers are hunting for low bounce wedges,  while there is nothing wrong with that I think most players would notice the benefit of a higher bounce and wider sole.

In Black boron the face shape also looks very different,  this goes to show what color does to the eye.  in a light or brighter finish some clubs look larger,  in black like with the human body and clothing things look more visually trim and as we all know the visuals and how the club head sets up to the eye is one of the most important factors in the game.

** This wedge takes 4 weeks to custom finish **


Razzle Dazzle CS-01W Wedge Black Boron

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