Proto Concept C01.5 Hybrid Iron

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Introducing Proto Concept C01.5 Hybrid Iron. A hybrid iron that pursues the flow of the set and can aim for the green.

Face design that realizes good ball holding while improving resilience performance.

SAE8655 chrome-molybdenum steel, which has higher toughness than soft iron, is used for the face material. Higher resilience performance improves flight distance performance.

In addition, the face thickness is set to 2.3 mm, which is slightly thicker than the general iron-type UT, and the body material is S25C soft iron to suppress unnecessary vibration and provide control performance while having a feeling of playing. A good feel is achieved.

Top blade that combines sharpness with flight distance and forgiveness.

By making the upper half inside the head into a honeycomb shape, the weight is reduced while maintaining strength. We succeeded in making the top blade thinner while improving flight distance performance and forgiveness.

A head shape that emphasizes the flow of settings, allowing you to hold and swing with the same feeling as iron while pursuing performance.

Head shape that looks compact with an emphasis on the flow with irons.

A hollow structure is adopted, and the position of the center of gravity is set to a deep and high position. Achieves spin performance that can be stopped on the green, as well as forgiveness and ease of raising the ball.

In addition, the back face is mirror-finished, and the grass is reflected on the overhang of the back face that can be seen at the time of addressing to assimilate it, adopting a design that makes the head look sharp.

Put it on the middle iron and pursue the performance to aim for the green more like an iron with a shape that can be handled without discomfort like an iron.




Number # 3 # 4
Loft (°) 19.5 22.5
Lie (°) 60.0 60.5
Bounce (°) 1.5 2.0
FP (mm) 3.9 4.0
Number #3 #4
Balance [Japan Shaft] NSPRO 950GH neo (S) D2
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 TOUR 105 (S)
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 TOUR 120 (S)
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 HYBRID Graphite On Steel Technology .350 (S)
[Fujikura] MCI 90 (S)
* Grip end 60 degree method
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO 950GH neo (S) 39.5 39.0
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 TOUR 105 (S)
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 TOUR 120 (S) 39.25 38.75
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 HYBRID Graphite On Steel Technology .350 (S) 39.75 39.25
[Fujikura] MCI 90 (S) 39.5 39.0
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO 950GH neo (S) 394 #3 Weight (※Reference value)
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 TOUR 105 (S) 396
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 TOUR 120 (S) 402
[Japan Shaft] NSPRO MODUS3 HYBRID Graphite On Steel Technology .350 (S) 379
[Fujikura] MCI 90 (S) 388

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