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Introducing the New BB4 Driver from Progress Golf! We have been working on getting these in the TSG Pro Shop for weeks and now we are glad to offer them to the world! The BB4 Driver has grown a cult following in Japan as one of the top drivers available in the boutique woods market.

There are 3 key areas that the new BB4 helps increase distance and the ease of hitting it. The first and very important is the BB4’s alpha-beta forged face has a high initial velocity off the face for more ball speed which creates BIG distance. The extra velocity is created via the Bellowed sole, at impact, the face and clubhead compress then launch the ball forward. What is unique is the decompression is front to back instead of all over. This front and back release creates a stronger ballistic trajectory for more carry, run, and less spin.

The second key area is the center of gravity is slightly higher than most drivers yet aligns during compression of the bellowed sole this gives far better forgiveness on misses high to low on the face with no difference in heel to toe forgiveness. The BB4 is using the bellowed sole not only to launch the ball off the face but also to create ease of use.

The BB4 features a very deep and sexy face profile that is very hard to beat.

Heads with a high MOI and deep center of gravity usually fly straighter but create more backspin which leads to less velocity and a weaker flight which makes your shot susceptible to wind and the ball drops too much with too little spin.

Then there are heads with higher CG’s and less MOI for power hitters and if the wrong type of player uses one of these the lack of spin creates less distance and carry.

The Ballistic traits of the BB4is simple, the bellowed sole creates a high rebound and strong flight the combine this with a deep CG for straightness. Best of all worlds here.

The BB4 is a 2 pieces head made of high-end materials like a forged 6-2222 S α β Ti face and 8-111 Ti precision cast face. The standard weight installed is 6g but you can also purchase 3g/8g/10g/12g. The BB4 is 455 cc’s and comes standard at 197g

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Progress BB4 Driver

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