PRGR RS 5 Driver 2020

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Introducing PRGR RS Driver 2020 or also known as PRGR RS5 Driver. Progear Co., Ltd. has completely redesigned the "RS" series for amateur golfers who enjoy golf seriously, and added "compulsive blow performance" to the "flying jump". Drivers of the "RS5" series have achieved a single-stroke performance with "W CORE (double core) design" that adds a core point while following the high initial speed performance of the RS SLE rule conforming limit. "Four-point concentrated design" that shows high resilience performance when face center hits and "nabla neo FACE design" that maximizes the amount of face center deflection. In addition, a high precision CNC milling face that minimizes the variation in wall thickness and a "W crown & W sole" equipped with flange angles on the crown and sole realize a wide high initial velocity area. Furthermore, there are three types that can be selected according to the power and needs of the golfer, such as the adoption of specially designed collaboration shafts.

PRGR RS Driver 2020 Features

W-Core Design, its size "Wide Core"

Uses high precision CNC milling for face parts. The variation in wall thickness is suppressed to the utmost limit, and the high initial velocity area is expanded to a high level.

Equipped with a flange on the sole to increase the flexure area. W crown is placed on the upper part of the face, and W sole is placed on the lower part, further expanding the area of ​​deflection and realizing a W-Core / "wide core".

W-Core Design, its strength "Strong Core"

Maximum deflection point, Center of gravity point, Maximum CT point, Face center. Concentrated with four points aligned with the center of the large high initial speed area that RS boasts. Not only spaciousness, but explosive strength and power gathered on the face.

In addition, the nabla neo FACE with advanced functions maximizes the deflection area while maximizing the deflection amount of the face center. With the W-Core "Strong Core", RS5 realized a blow of delight.

Ballistic Control System

Equipped with the "Bacosy" ballistic control system. Variable loft mechanism allows ballistic control. Changing club weight by changing weights. Adjustable loft: Adjustable from head display loft -1 degree. Balance adjustment: Adjustable by mounting separately sold weight



- Available in 2 lofts option: 9.5* / 10.5*

- Comes with diamana for PRGR as its standard shaft.

- The official release date is August 7, 2020.


PRGR RS Driver 2020

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