PRGR New Egg Utility

PRGR New Egg Utility

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PRGR New Egg Utility - PRGR recently released a wide selection of PRGR Egg woods and irons and Pro Gear was kind enough to send us samples a couple weeks back well before release.  To say they are excited about the new Egg series would be an understatement they truly believe these are the longest most forgiving clubs in this segment and as usual everything is jam-packed with tech that other brands don't use.

PRGR created their own custom powder metallurgy 455 rolled maraging steel face and with a 450 custom maraging body,  the weight on the back is tungsten Ni, W, Fe.

First off there is virtually no offset yay!  while the top line is thick it still sits square to the target and while you can see the back of the head behind the top blade you also could with any UT wood as well except PRGR has basically eliminated the hollow back of a UT to create a scoop like the Egg FW Gen II or the newest version,  then they put a large tungsten bar as far back as possible for increased MOI the top line is thick and very forgiving,  the head finished in black to appear smaller.

PRGR has done all the right steps this is easiest Driving Iron or UT like Iron that I have ever hit.  The goal is high launch and low spin and PRGR has knocked it out of the park with this one.

At impact the face itself bends while the power groove which is a notch behind the face before the scoop acts as the fulcrum and after face deformation it reforms to send the ball flying with a powerful velocity.

It's sole which is wide,  slides thru turg smoothly and has a good amount of leading edge relief especially for a utility,  lead edge relief is usually only seen on irons.

Available in 19/21/23/25 with only PRGR carbon shafts as an option,  TSG can also custom build these but because PRGR is not a component brand you would have us pull the stock shaft and install something special for you.  The official release date is early Sept 2015 but for sure the 1st run will sell out quick so to avoid that if you know you want one of these we highly suggest a pre order.


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