PRGR 2014 Red Eyes Pocket Speed Reader

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PRGR introduces the new Red Eyes Pocket Speed Tester.  It replaces the very popular, original Red Eyes Pocket and features some upgrades.  It is very simple to use and can help you get immediate feedback on swing speed and ball speed for your golf swing.  (It can measure speeds for other sports such as baseball and soccer as well.) It is a compact, stand alone unit and all you have to do is place the device 1 to 1.2 meters (3 to 3.5 ft.) behind your driver on a flat surface. The sensor features two "eyes" that can capture both swing speed and ball speed.

For golf usage, the PRGR Red Eyes Pocket pretty much has 3 modes.  A Ball Speed Mode, an Impact Mode and a Partial Swing Mode. The unit simply turns on and off by holding the ON/OFF button for a few seconds (to prevent accidental turn on and off). The unit will also power itself off after 10 minutes of idle time.  The Mode button allows you to switch between the three golf modes and with a simple press. A long press of the Mode button switches the unit between Sport modes, ie Baseball and Golf etc and the final long press switches the unit to MPH.  One of the cons of the REP is that it does not remember to stay in MPH mode. Everytime you turn it off and back on you will need to long press the Mode button a couple of times to get into MPH readings.

The Ball Speed mode is self explanatory, you get your head/swing speed and your ball speeds. It keeps a history of the last 3 swings at the top.

The Impact mode calculates Impact accuracy very much like smash factor. It divides ball speeds by head speed and if you swing 100 mph and have a ball speed of 150mph that equals 1.5 smash factor or in the case of the REP 100% impact.

The final mode is the Partial Swing Mode. Say you are at 90 yards and you take a full swing, the unit records that as your usual full swing head speed. You then move up to about 65 yards and you take a partial swing with the same wedge and hit it close to the pin. The REP is able to tell you what your swing speed is on that partial swing and what percentage of your full swing it was. So like the below images, it recorded 24.5 m/s or a 70% swing compared to your full swing.The partial swing mode is to be used as a handy informational source to increase consistency on approaches.

The PRGR Red Eyes Pocket comes with the unit itself, a little carry pouch and included 9V battery.


PRGR 2014 Red Eyes Pocket Speed Reader

PRGR 2014 Red Eyes Pocket Speed Reader


Features of the Product:

- very small and portable: New shape for enhanced stability.

- new Diet mode to measure calories burned from swings. 

- simple usage: newly added radar gun mode.

- stand alone operation and does NOT need any magnets or other attachments

- works with any and all clubs (not putter though)

- accurate measurements on swing speed and ball speed.

- calculates mid impact percentage (which is also smash factor)

- works in both meters per second and miles per hour

- has a tripod screw mount for use for baseball and soccer as well

- easy to read LCD

- auto turns off after 10 minutes

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