PRGR 2013 Ladies New egg Iron 7-PW (4 piece set)

PRGR 2013 Ladies New egg Iron 7-PW (4 piece set)

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PRGR introduces the new 2013 egg Iron.  It is made to match the egg line up for 2013 and has great emphasis on forgiveness and distance for the average player.  It features a unique, hollow pocket cavity back design.  The hollow pocket allows the walls of the club head to be made very thin all around for lighter weight that is easy to control.  The face is also made of high strength maraging steel which produces great jump off of the club face along with a crisp sound.  The unique design allows the center of gravity to be placed very low while having mass concentrated closer to help promote a strong penetrating trajectory.  The head also features a tungsten bar placed in the back of the club head.  This feature assists in keeping a low center of gravity, while the added weight behind the sweet spot helps stabilize the head through impact.

The face feature a slight off set design to help square the face at impact.  The lofts are made strong to maximize distance with each iron, but the lowered CG and unique design allows every player to still produce a high trajectory. The face is overall very thin, but features some variable thickness. (2.5mm on the upper part, 2mm on the lower part and a 2.9mm thickness in the center "sweet spot') This design allow well struck shots to have a very crisp and satisfying feedback to the hands while minimizing distance loss on off center hits.  The sole of the club is also made with a smooth bulge which helps glide the head across any surface to minimize friction and maximize swing speed through impact.

It comes standard with an original PRGR graphite shaft made for light weight and mid/high launch.


PRGR 2013 Ladies Egg Iron Set

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