PRGR egg i+ UT Utility Club

PRGR egg i+ UT Utility Club

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PRGR introduces the 2013 egg i+ UT Utility Club.  This is a very unique style utility made to bring the most in forgiveness and distance for the average golfers.  It features a hollow back pocket design which helps keep the center of gravity closer to the face for a more penetrating trajectory.  It has a very thin 1mm walls for very light weight that can be easily controlled by golfers on any strength.  The thin walls along with a high strength maraging steel face allow for great energy transfer to the ball to maximize ball speed at impact.  The new i+ UT features a tungsten bar in the back of the head which helps deepen the MOI and lower the CG.  This helps golfers produce a nice high trajectory which can land golf balls softly on the green from long distances.  The sole is made with a slight bulge to allow for easy glide across any surface to ensure minimal friction and maximum speed through the impact zone.

The new egg i+ UT comes in a 1* open face angle which makes it very easy to align and control the ball flight.  It comes with a stock PRGR graphite shaft made for light weight (50g) and a mid/high trajectory.


PRGR 2013 Egg I+ UT Utility Club

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