ONOFF LaboSpec RD5900-C Driver

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Introducing ONOFF LaboSpec RD5900-C Driver. A driver with a ballistic adjustment function mounted on the high moment of inertia head of the limit of the rule, which not only does not shake but also can fly more automatically.

Onoff labospec driver RD5900-C allows you to fly with a strong trajectory that does not shake, is equipped with a trajectory adjustment function, and has evolved further. Originally, the AKA RD5900, which has an outstanding sense of stability, is equipped with a ballistic adjustment function, which is a changeable function and has evolved into a driver that can adjust the loft angle and lie angle to make it the optimum trajectory to fly more.

High moment of inertia of rule limit

The toe-heel part of the body is made of carbon, and high specific gravity stainless steel parts are placed behind the sole. We have developed a high moment of inertia head by adopting a structure that allows the center of gravity to be deep and the distance to the center of gravity to be long. With a stable head, a driver that can fly even if you make a mistake is realized.

Power Trench

By flexing and restoring, the ball is pushed out, the flight distance is further increased, the entire face is changed to a high initial velocity area, and the flight distance loss due to off-center hits is reduced, which is a unique trench that realizes more flight than ever before. The (groove) structure is also used for the RD5900-C driver. In addition, the face repulsion value design brought about by the unique face structure is set to the rule limit, and a head that brings the maximum initial velocity is realized.

Ballistic adjustment function - Onoff Trajectory Control System (OTCS)

OTCS Sleeve - Adjust the loft angle and lie angle for the optimum trajectory to fly more. You can tune-up to the loft, lie angle, and face angle by increasing or decreasing the numbers below the standard specifications.

Weight Screw - Control ease of swing and grip by replacing the weight screw, By adjusting the weight screw of the sole you can Adjust the balance, control the ease of swinging, and improve the flight distance and gentleness. You can also adjust the center of gravity of the heel to control the draw trajectory. Increase the flight distance with a draw trajectory that meets the needs of golfers.


- Available in 1 loft options: 10.5*

- Comes with HIGH REPULSION KICK RD5900 / Smooth Kic MP-520D  as its standard shaft

- Custom shaft available ( custom shafts/custom orders takes 3-4 weeks to be shipped )

ONOFF LaboSpec RD5900-C Driver

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