ONOFF LaboSpec RD-247 Fairway Arms

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Introducing ONOFF LaboSpec RD-247 Fairway Arms ( Fairway Wood). Extreme flying, flying creek, large tungsten sole, low and deep center of gravity gentle 5 wood.

The power trench that produces further flight and gentleness, the same as the red series Radical spoon and the super series titanium spoon of the black series, adopts a bunking structure that combines large tungsten and titanium face for titanium body. "R5" number wood which produces extreme flight and kindness is born.

By deflecting and restoring, the ball is pushed out, and by further improving the flight distance and changing the face all over to the high initial speed area, realizing the reduction of the distance loss by the off center hit, it realizes the power trench which realizes the jump and the gentleness .

The power trench applied to the sole and the crown deflects at the time of impact and pushes the ball strongly by restoring it, improving the initial velocity of the ball and realizing the distance performance.

made using titanium which improves replulsion and distance performance. The sole is made from heavy tungsten which allows 65% of the head weight to be moved to the sole, the largest amount in ONOFF history. This creates the low and deep center of gravity needed to achieve Katayama Pro's desire for an easy to use SUPER SPOON,

By laser milling the entire face, the RD-247 fairway woods are able to stabilize spin performance by suppressing spin variation caused by miss-hits or wet conditions such as rain. More stable and consistent spin equals more consistent distance and direction.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 1 loft option: 18*

- Comes with Smooth Kick MP-518F as its standard shaft

ONOFF LaboSpec RD-247 Fairway Arms

ONOFF LaboSpec RD-247 Fairway Wood

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