ONOFF LaboSpec OP-3 Putter

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Introducing ONOFF LaboSpec OP-3 Putter. A heavy head putter precision machined from soft carbon steel and matched with an original all-new DAIWA CARBON TECHNOLOGY high modulus shaft creates a smooth stroke and fantastic forward roll and control.

Precision machined S25C soft carbon steel putter with a traditional toe heel balanced shape. Precise square shape and straight edge, along with a sight line make it even easier to address the ball and aim at the target. High precision craftmanship made in JAPAN (head manufactured in Higashi Osaka).

Soft iron S25C along with the face trench and sound slot create a solid impact sound with softer feel. The heavier 363g head helps create a more consistent putter stroke.

New FACE TRENCH design features 3 areas of score lines angled in a different direction in order to produce more stable putts and better forward rotation. In wet conditions or rain, the spin is stabilized and putting stays consistent.

LEVERAGING DAIWA CARBON TECHNOLOGY WE CREATED AN ORIGINAL HIGH MODULUS CARBON PUTTER SHAFT ONOFF 3D CROSS PUTTER. Compared to other carbon shafts, 3D CROSS creates a tighter weave which in turn stabilizes the bending and twisting (flex and torque) of the shaft. The result is not only stability but better feel, direction and a straighter rolling putt. Not only does the shaft perform it looks great and gives a sense of high-quality thanks to it’s jet black patterned weave appearance.

ONOFF continues to leverage DAIWA TECHNOLOGY in the form of 3DX (3D CROSS), a carbon hexagonal/honeycomb pattern we developed that provides maximum strength and stability. 3DX creates the ultimate in shape restoration power, for more consistency and predictability. Like a fishing rod, a golf shaft loses is original round shape when a player swings. This is called ovaling or deforming. 3DX allows the shaft to restore its original shape more quickly and consistently resulting better impact which can be repeated over and over.

About This Product Listing

- Standard Lenth is 34" ( custom length may take 1-2 months )

- LIMITED EDITION: 300pcs only.

ONOFF LaboSpec OP-3 Putter

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