ONOFF LaboSpec CB-247W II Wedge

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Introducing ONOFF LaboSpec CB-247W II Wedge with SUPERB FEEL AND STABILITY.

An all-new cavity back design, reverse taper heavy blade, wide sole, tapered shape, and semi-long hosel all contribute to the heads square weight distribution which creates a wide sweet spot. With the cavity design and face center of gravity position, even shots from bad lies, strong rough, or onoff center strike, resulting in more stable spin performance and consistent approaches. The sweet spot has been strategically placed to result in the more stable consistent impact which equals better spin and direction.

In many wedges today, the center of gravity is typically towards the heel side as a result of the weight from the sole and the hosel. The CB-247W II moves the CG to the center of the face by increasing weight towards the top blade and toe as a result of the cavity back and reverses taper heavy blade design. The wider sweet area minimizes distance loss on miss hits and maintains distance and spin for more stable performance on approach shots. Knowing that the sweet spot is right in the center of the face allows the player to create better and more predictable impact consistently.

Stable through impact and versatile sole. Toe, heel, trailing edge relief matched with a wide curved sole and just the right bounce allows the wedge to flow through the ball without digging. The versatile wedge provides increase ease of use for various shots such as normal approach shots to bunker shots to pitch and runs.

Eye-pleasing, easy to aim traditional wedge shape. The CB-247W II is a soft iron wedge that sets up without distractions thanks to its traditional shape and clean lines. This gives the player confidence that he/she can perform various shot techniques. Impact feeling is soft and pleasant and because of the soft iron material used, the loft and lie can be adjusted ± 1°. The wedge can match up with the LABOSPECRB-247H iron or AKA Iron or KURO Forged Iron.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 5 lofts option: 48* / 50* / 52* / 56* / 58*

- Comes with NSPRO 850GH as its standard shaft.

- Other shafts available as custom shafts option.

ONOFF LaboSpec CB-247W II Wedge

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