ONOFF Kuro Fairway Wings 2019 (Utility)

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Introducing the NEW ONOFF Kuro Fairway Wings 2019 ( Utility ).

The new Power Trench (groove) for KURO, in both the sole and the crown, brings new distance performance and forgiveness by improving the flex and recovery of the head at impact. Increased repulsion equals higher ball speeds and a larger sweet spot equals more forgiveness and less distance lost on miss-hits.  More distance, more stability, and more consistency equal better golf.

The New 2019 Kuro Fairway Wings have "Smooth Pod Sole" which reduces the sole resistance, suppresses the head speed down, and improves the flight distance and direction stability by the unevenness on the leading edge side of the sole surface.

The U3 and U4 are semi-manual utilities that are made to easily launch the ball. Even the U5 and U6 are easier to use than middle irons. Easier to aim, easier to hit for more distance and accuracy. Forgiveness makes golf more fun. Fairway Wings KURO, a utility that aims at the pin with a powerful trajectory.

The U3 uses a shorter ferrule (12mm) which at address gives it a more forgiving stance and the appearance of being able to "pick up" the ball more easily. The U4, U5, U6 all use a longer ferrule (25mm) similar to irons which give the impression of directional stability, These are small details that can make a difference when setting up at address.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 4 lofts option: 21* / 24* / 27* / 30*

- Comes with LaboSpec Shinari: i60 as its standard shaft.

- Custom shafts available as options ( Custom shaft means custom order which takes 2 - 4 weeks to be shipped )

- RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2019 ( Any orders before the release date are considered as PRE-ORDER )

ONOFF Kuro Fairway Wings 2019

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