ONOFF 2019 Lady Irons 7-SW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing ONOFF 2019 Lady Iron.

Power wave dedicated to the Lady Iron to evolve flight

Our Power Wave and High Repulsion Sole are integral design features of the new LADY iron. They work together to expand the repulsion area of our Wide Hyper Effect face by creating more consistent and efficient flex and recovery at impact, increasing ball speeds and increasing distance. These technologies work together to widen the iron sweet spot which minimizes distance loss on off center hits.

The deflection provided by the sole provided with the power wave and its restoring force push the ball strongly, achieving a stronger iron for further distance increase and off-center hit.

The new LADY iron utilizes a new high strength material that not only improves impact sound and feel but allows us to create a thinner face for increased spring effect. This helps lady golfers, even those with less power and swing speed, create more distance. The wider sweet spot increases ease of use and the synergy between the face and Power Wave brings more consistency, stability, and overall distance thanks to better impact.

By placing large tungsten weight in the sole, the LADY iron is able to achieve a deep and low center of gravity, optimized for the lady golfer swing. The ball becomes easy to launch and miss hits lose less distance. A high and powerful trajectory brings more distance for all lady golfers.

About This Product Listing

- Set contains 5 irons: #7 - #8 - #9 - PW -SW

- #5 / #6 / AW will be available as extra club options.

- Custom color available. ( please note that this custom color is a custom order and cannot be cancelled and will take about 3-6 weeks to be shipped )

ONOFF 2019 Lady Iron

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