ONOFF 2019 Lady Fairway Arms Radical Spoon - 15.5 / Ladies flex

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Introducing ONOFF 2019 Lady Fairway Arms ( Fairway Wood ).

Second shot of a long hole. I want to fly more. It is not enough to fly on the 4th wood. I want a fairway wood that I can fly more gently. For women golfers like that, titanium cup face friendly, Lady's only radical spoon is recommended.

By adopting titanium with high resilience performance for the face, the resilience performance is improved, and the initial speed up and distance up of the ball are realized. Furthermore, since the cup face structure can expand the repulsive area, it reduces flight distance down even if the miss shot has missed the core.

By using titanium with a light specific gravity for the face, R3 No. 3 wood has achieved a gentleness-up by the gravity control design that makes use of its characteristics. The center of gravity of the head is optimized for the female golfer's swing while thickening the sole and achieving a low center of gravity so that the ball can be easily raised. The large angle of gravity and deep depth of gravity make it a special 3rd wood that makes it difficult to slice and gives female golfers more distance with strong ballistics.

By making the titanium cup face with high resilience performance a "Wide Hyper Effect Face" with a 3-step face thickness design with an H-shaped rib structure, the flight distance can be further increased by increasing the resilience. In addition, the cup face structure greatly expands the repulsive area and provides a stable, great flight distance to female golfers who tend to have unstable hitting points.

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- Available in 1 loft options: 15.5

ONOFF 2019 Lady Fairway Arms Radical Spoon

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