ONOFF 2014 Ladies Driver

ONOFF 2014 Ladies Driver

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ONOFF introduces the 2014 Ladies Driver.  It is a premium driver made for the average lady player to get the most in forgiveness and distance.  It has the same basic concept as the very popular previous model, but with a few improvements.  The 2014 model featuers a high strength 6-4 Ti face to produce efficient energy transfer at impact.  It has a similar rounded head shape as the previous model with a bit more offset to help square the clubface at impact.  It features a 445cc head size which is large enough to add forgiveness and confidence, yet small enough to keep it very light weight and easy to control for ladies of all strengths.  

It has a newly designed alignment spots design which is made to help the eyes line up better to the intended target line.  The face design has been made wider than the previous model to add forgivness while keeping the same Variable Face Thickness design to promote crisp feel and minimal distance loss. The center of gravity on the head has been moved lower than the previous model along with the sweet spot being moved slightly higher and closer to the heel.  This new design along with a 1.5* closed face angle has allowed the toe of the club to relase sooner to help promote a strong, straignt to slightly drawing flight.  It also feature a "Spine Rib" design within the interior of the clubhead which is a specially designed piece that is placed on the sole of the club.  This piece helps concentrate the mass of the club directly below the sweet spot to help promote a stable impact.  The rib also helps absorb vibration to provide each shot with a consistent feel.

It comes standard with a newly designed LP-414D carbon shaft made for a high launch and soft feel.  The driver comes standard in 43.5" lenghth for the 13* loft and 44.5" length for the 11.5* loft model.  

*ONOFF also offers custom shaft and grip color options for the 2014 ladies driver.  Please contact us using the above navigation for further details.  **Please note that custom color options will take appoximately 2-3 extra weeks to ship.


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