NGS D REV BB 50t-40t Carbon Shaft

NGS D REV BB 50t-40t Carbon Shaft

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NGS, a premium Japanese shaft maker who has brought us their top performing shafts in the past like the Mach Line Proto series and D Rev Tour lines has decided to join the high grade carbon market with the launch of their new D Rev lineup.

So how does carbon grading work? Shafts are created with carbon fibers weaved together, and these fibers are measured by their modulus of elasticity in tension. Typical golf shafts are around 24t or 30t, the measurement of tensile strength. These lower grade shafts are more flexible and because of this the shaft is slow to regain its original shape on the downswing creating inconsistent impact where a player must rely heavily on timing due to the flexibility of the shaft.

As the tensile strength increases, the carbon weaves are more dense, more rigid and return more quickly to their original shape. The flex and rebound of the shaft becomes more predictable equaling more consistent shots and much tighter dispersion. The higher tensile ratings ratings in golf shafts are also related to the higher grades containing more glass and metal particles which are more rigid while lower grades containing more flexible rubber particles. Higher grade carbon shafts provide more feel and explosiveness, even though they use those tightly weaved, denser carbon weaves, typically high grade carbon shafts have very active and thinner wall sections which lead to very high but controlled elasticity.

The D REV BB is aimed at more mortal golfers ie the average golfer and improving player.  The BB is available in 3 weights the 45, 55 and 65. 

The BB features a double mix of 40t and 50t carbon for an explosive impact, higher launch and larger kick sensation. 

The BB45 is a sub 50g shaft that looks to compete in the big distance ultralightweight driver category. While the 55 and 65 are for stronger players wanting a balance of distance and stability.

The BB45 is mid kick and available in A, R and SR flexes ranging from 47-49g.
The BB55 is available in R, SR and S flexes and is mid kick except for S flex which is low and mid kick. 
The BB65 is available in R, SR and S flexes in low to mid 60g range and is low and mid kick.

The BB and its distribution of flex across the shaft benefits the smoother swinger who battles the right side and is looking for more of a draw and more distance.

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