New Honma Beres 2020 2 Stars Ladies Driver

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Introducing New Honma Beres 2020 2 Star Ladies Driver. The Newest Beres Series from Honma. The standard in master craftsmanship. Featuring timeless design and built using precious metals, Beres clubs provide unparalleled beauty and can only be built by a Honma master craftsman. Honma team of craftsmen in Sakata, Japan pore over every contour and detail until perfection is achieved. Beres products also feature industry-leading technology to provide feel and confidence to play your best golf.


Wide Slits - Wide slits maximize the slit effect (high initial speed, high launch, spin optimization). In addition, flight distance loss during off-center hits is reduced.

High-rigidity Ti5N face with ultimate enhancement on the entire face.

Down Ratio of the coefficient of restitution centering on the sweet spot.

Crown Thickness Design - Ultra-low specific gravity titanium alloy “Ti811” adopted Step-by-step thinning to 0.45mm → Lightweight approx. 3g: Reflect surplus weight in optimum center of gravity design → Realize hammering due to bending effect of crown

NEW ARMRQ Shaft - The most characteristic “total soft” of the ARMRQ shaft has been changed to “medium soft”. Lamination of the newly developed 7-axis sheet at hand creates counter balance, and sharpening is achieved with all layers of TORAYCA (R) T1100G. For 3S grade and higher shafts, TORAYCA (R) M40X is used to improve playability. Achieves higher swing speed with higher accuracy.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 3 lofts option: 11.5* / 12*

- Official release date is December 6th, 2019 ( any orders before are considered as pre-order )

- Red Highlights in the table spec below are a custom order

Custom Order ( Custom Spec / Custom Crown Color / Custom Shaft Color ) takes 4 - 6 weeks to be shipped.

New Honma Beres 2020 2S Ladies Spec

ARMRQ 2S Shaft Specification

Material Metal hybrid 7-axis sheet + TORAYCA (R) T1100G
Condition First tone
flex L
Bat diameter (mm) 15.2
Tip diameter (mm) 8.6
Weight (g) 38.5
Torque (°) 8.05
Frequency (cpm) 197
shaft balance
+0.5 inch +0.25 inch standard -0.25 inch -0.5 inch
ARMRQ 38 C6 (C5-C7) C5 (C4 to C6) C3 C2 (C1-C2) C1 (C0 to C1)

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