Modart MA01D+R Driver

Modart MA01D+R Driver

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Introducing Modart's latest creation the MA01D+R and while it may look similar to their other three drivers this one is completely different.  The first modart drivers released a few years ago were the MA01D and MA01S both were 435cc players woods with a mid trajectory and some pretty low spin rates.  Last year Modart then released the MA01DS which was an improved version of the original but with a shaft adapter that allowed you to change shafts with ease.  The all new MA01D+R is based on an entirely new design at a full 460cc's it's designed to be much easier to hit and produce a mid/high trajectory with very low spin.  It is suggested to play this head shafted at 45" or longer.

This driver is Made in Japan this is something not many if any brands can say anymore it features a forged cup face SP700 face like many of the world's best and most high-end premium drivers. The MA01D+R has an amazing face shape it's deep yet also stretches a bit longer from heel to toe as Modart's goal was to help both the player who misses high and low on the face as well as toe to heel.

TSG is offering these as head only or with Modart's specific shaft via this TSG Pro Shop Listing.

If you require a special spec or custom build with the best shafts and grips available please email [email protected]

available in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 lofts.



Modart MA01D+R Driver

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