Modart A60-G Irons 5-PW ( 6pcs )

Modart A60-G Irons 5-PW ( 6pcs )

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Modart is a new brand that was founded by Mitsuru Suda, who serves as the President of the company as well as designer for the exquisite line of clubs. With over 10 years of experience in the golf club design industry, Mr. Suda has developed a reputation for having an eye for precision.  He has spend his years honing is skills as a club grinder under the guidance of Grind Studio master and former Fourteen top grinder Masahiro Tomaru.  After Mr. Tomaru left Fourteen, he took his place as the top grinder for Fourteen and served as the grinder for many of the Fourteen staff professionals.  

When Mr. Suda finally left Fourteen to pursue his life long dream of creating his own brand, Modart was born.  With its very high quality, all Made in Japan line of clubs, with a high price point, Mr. Suda recognizes that it is not for everyone.  His goal for his clubs were to showcase exactly what was possible for golf clubs, in terms of aesthetics, feel, and of course quality!

The A60-G CNC Milled Iron features a unique cavity back design with enough forgiveness to appeal to the average players.  

Features and Technology

- Full Cavity back design for forgiveness and stability at impact.

- S25C steel head, CNC'd from one solid piece of steel, creating the most dense and consistent feel.

- Thinner sole area with less offset for workability and appeal to the most demanding players.

- Fully milled face and head for excellent spin control in all conditions. 


Modart A60-G CNC Milled Iron 5-PW

Modart A60-G CNC Milled Iron 5-PW

Modart A60-G CNC Milled Iron 5-PW

Modart A60-G CNC Milled Iron 5-PW

Modart A60-G CNC Milled Iron 5-PW

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