Mizuno Pro 918 Irons 5-PW ( 6pcs )

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Mizuno introduces their new MIZUNO PRO Series in 2017. The long awaited series of Mizuno.

This listing is Mizuno Pro 918 Iron is a Cavity Iron of the series which made of Soft Iron Boron Steel ( 1025 Boron ). Soft iron boring steel is a new soft iron forged material which added very tenacious characteristics by adding 0.003% of boron to mild steel (S25C). In addition, while pursuing a solid hit feeling only by soft iron forging, the iron part is strengthened by 30% by quenching the face during forging at the time of forging. It enables thinning of the face and sole part, improving resilience performance. In the wedge, the durability of the score line is improved by making full use of the characteristics of the soft iron boron steel which is tenacious.


- Grain Flow Forged Manufacturing Process - "Grain Flow Forged Manufacturing Method" is characterized by a continuous flow line (flow of metallic structure) which is continuous in one direction from face to neck, compared to general soft iron forging iron.

- Plating Under Copper - Plating under copper is not suitable for plating on the outermost layer because it is very soft plating, it is used as plating as a lower treatment Mizuno Pro also adopts under-copper plating for under treatment. Although it becomes a slight difference, the hit feeling becomes soft, and the contact time of the ball on the face side is felt longer than usual.

- Harmonic Impact Technology ( H.I.T ) - Mizuno's scientific technology to fine tune sound and feel.

- Highly resilient design -Improved strength by adopting soft iron boron steel (1025 BORON) as the head material of Mizuno Pro 918 iron. In addition, T - SLOT processing, by improving the resilience performance by thinning the face and sole part. By synergistic effect with strong loft, I made it possible to increase the distance by iron.

- Soft iron boron steel (1025 BORON) - Material that combines flight and durability.

About This Product

- This set contains of 6 irons ( 5-PW ): #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and PW

- This set comes with Dynamic Gold 95 Steel Shaft as its standard shaft, while other shafts will be available as options

- #4 iron will be available as extra club option.

- Release Date: September 15, 2017

Mizuno Pro 918 Irons

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