Mizuno Japan Wave Cadence Boa Shoes

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Product specification


EE (Narrow), EEE (Standard), EEEE (Wide)

Color 01: White × Black 
22: Blue × Lime 
62: Red × White
Material Upper / Artificial Leather + Synthetic Fiber 
bottom Material / Synthetic Bottom
Country of Origin Made in Vietnam
Mass About 360 g (25.0 cm one side)
Release Season Spring-Summer 2018

Mizuno wave

Suppress cushioning while suppressing movement in the inside and outside directions, reducing the burden on the feet.

It softens the shock applied to the foot at the time of swing and walking, keeps outstanding stability while suppressing lateral misalignment and wobbling while exhibiting excellent cushioning properties.

MIZUNO WAVEWaveform disperses shock.
■ Waveform disperses shock.
Suppress sinking into both inside and outside.
■ Suppress subduction into both inside and outside.


Midsole material excellent in light weight and cushioning.

Mid sole material improved cushioning performance by about 15% compared to conventional products, even though it is lightweight. It is less tired and softens the burden on the foot when swinging and walking.

Comparison of cushioning properties (survey on Mizuno) Cushioning property is about 15% UP!

A ten lover

Outsole material excellent in durability.

Compared with rubber material, it adopts "X10 rubber" which improved durability by about 80%.

A ten lover

Outsole rubber abrasion resistance comparison (Mizuno investigation) wear resistance is about 80% UP!

Boa® system

1. Smooth removal

, the special race loosens when the special race tightens the leg when turning the dial and draws out the dial. While keeping a high fit, it made smooth attachment and detachment possible.

In addition to the conventional reel function and power that can reliably provide tightening force, turn it in the direction of the arrow when tightening, turn it in the opposite direction if you want to loosen it slightly, fine adjustment is made possible. * When tightening, turn it in the direction of the large arrow and turn it in the direction of the small arrow if you want to loosen it.


2. Keep a more accurate fit and comfort for a long time

keeps a high fit, with reasonable and even tightening over the entire foot. In addition, dedicated exclusive race keeps looseness in all leg movements and keeps comfort for a long time.

3. Adopted a new Boa® "TX 4 (Tea X Four for)" in the race section.

The appearance is casual than traditional metal wire race. We have adopted a race suitable for the design of WAVE CADENCE.


  • mizunowave_00_at.jpg

    By sandwiching a corrugated plate, cushioning property and stability are compatible.

  • U4ric.jpg

    Next-generation midsole material that excels in cushioning property and drastically enhances light weight.

  • x10_00_at.jpg

    Outsole rubber that is strong against friction and also enhances the durability of shoes.

  • tourlock_01_go.jpg

    Just rotate 60 ° to allow smooth attachment and detachment.

  • keiryou_01_go.jpg

    It is a lightweight design product.

  • golf_boa_18ss.jpg

    Tightening adjustment can be done in millimeters by turning the dial.

  • bousui_10_go.jpg

    Waterproof (with purchase, one year warranty after purchase)

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