Miura Passing Point PP-9003 Iron 5-PW ( 6pcs )

Miura Passing Point PP-9003 Iron 5-PW ( 6pcs )

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Miura Giken Japan introduces their all new conforming Passing Point 9003 forged iron. The new PP-9003 is premium forged from S25C steel and designed with both feel and forgiveness in mind. A mid sized cavity which still possesses a thin top line and sole as well as a small amount of offset, the PP-9003 was specially CNC machined to create a cavity that produces optimal trajectory and a huge enough sweet spot to promote ease of use.

The Cavity features two stage thickness to help with weight distribution and aid getting the ball in the air.

At address a straight leading edge and the score lines help align the face to the ball. The sole toe is slightly rounded so visually you can see that your ball has remained in the middle of the face.

The shorter hosel also helps bring the CG lower and adds forgiveness to players of all levels.  Miura has actually positioned the CG right in the center of the irons face.

Another new feature of the PP-9003 is the ability for customers to choose their grind and face shape.

There are 3 kinds of soles, Normal (the standard sole), Trailing Edge Sole (Option) and Dent Sole (option).

The Normal sole is more rounded and suits a wide variety of golfers especially those who sweep the ball.

The Trailing Edge sole provides trailing edge relief for those who take a bigger divot and need clean clearance from the turf.

The Dent sole is taken from the CB3000 series and is made for more versatility and clearance though a variety of lies.

There are also 2 face choices.

The Normal Face which is standard and features much sharper lines and boxy toe which helps frame the ball and is easy to square.

The Round Face which is an option provides a softer look at address and more confidence for the average golfer.

Please note the Normal sole and Normal face are standard. Any of the optional grinds or the round face may add 3-4 weeks waiting time. Please contact us for availability.

The standard set is 5-PW and sold as heads only. A 4 iron and a gap wedge are also available at extra costs.

This set can also be custom built for you with any shaft and any grip. Please contact us for more details.

**Please note that all Miura heads have a slightly smaller hosel size than a standard .355 to prevent rusting.  It will require a slight bore before installing shafts.**


Miura Passing Point PP-9003 Iron

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