Miura Giken WMF-06 Wedge

Miura Giken WMF-06 Wedge

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Miura Giken Japan has introduced their all new WMF-06 Forged wedge. The WMF-06 is aimed at the better player wanting top notch spin control along with the purest feel in a versatile wedge. Like all Miura Giken irons and wedges, the new WMF-06 is W.D.D. (Weight, Dimension, Density) Accurate Forged from premium JIS S25C.  This forging technique perfected by Miura creates a perfectly balanced shaped head with consistent density in the quality of steel and with perfect weight.

The WMF-06 features a two step or two stage grind which creates a versatile multi level sole. The purpose of this was to eliminate unnecessary parts of the sole creating toe and heel relief as well as a unique type of trailing edge relief.  While the sole features a lot of relief, because there is less sole making contact with the ground it actually excels in tight lies as well. The unique cut away center area of the trailing side of the sole serves a couple of purposes, one is to create more pure approach shots by reducing friction through the turf and secondly to provide maximum control and accuracy out of the bunker by channeling the sand through that cut away and keeping the head on line straight at the target. 

The WMF-06 is a tear drop shaped wedge with a taller toe allowing for better players to work the face and create maximum spin control.  The leading edge is slightly rounded to prevent digging and the bounce is actually on the high side at 9* for the AW (53) and a whopping 15* of bounce for the SW (58*). These bounce numbers can be a bit misleading as with the multi level sole, it is the point of he sole where there is the highest bounce.  However when opened up bounce is reduced dramatically due to the two stage grind and cutaway which plays an even bigger part when the face is opened up.

The Miura WMF-06 features very little if any offset at all which will please the better player. It sets up nicely at address framing the ball well with subtle nickel satin finish. The finish of the WMF-06 is a big part of Miura's new design for his wedge as well. It features a new Cu-Ni dual plating toe enhance feel and bite of the wedge. With conforming grooves, Miura decided to underlay a first plate of copper finish to enhance feel and bite of the wedge. They then used a thin plating of Nickel to protect the wedge.  This produces a very soft feel taking Miura impact even a step further.

This listing is for the new WMF-06 wedge as head only.

**Please note that all Miura heads have a slightly smaller hosel size than a standard .355 to prevent rusting.  It will require a slight bore before installing shafts.

Only two lofts are available, 53/9 and 58/15.

There are two weight types to choose from, a heavier head for graphite shaft installs and a lighter weight head for steel shaft installs. For your reference the weights are as follows 53* 298g (Steel) 303g (Graphite) and 58* 300g (Steel) 306g (Graphite).

The WMF-06 can also be custom made with any shaft and grip available in Japan. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Miura Giken WMF-06 Wedge

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