Miura Giken CB-8101 Left Handed Iron 5-PW ( 6pcs )

Miura Giken CB-8101 Left Handed Iron 5-PW ( 6pcs )

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Miura Giken introduces the CB-8101 for the Left Handed golfer.  It is their premium cavity back model of club which was designed to satisfy the demand for high end left handed irons.  It is a club designed with feel and and forgiveness in mind. It is forged out of high grade s25c steel for great soft feel and consistent feedback.  It features a mid sized cavity back with 2 different depths.  The lower end of the cavity a bit shallower than the upper half to promote a low CG that allows a strong mid trajectory with ease.  It has a well balanced weight distribution around the head to give a very controlled and stable feel during the swing.

It has a thin top line and minimal offset design for a very clean appearance and great workability in both directions.  The straighter face design helps the player easily get aligned towards the target.  The toe is slightly rounded so visually, you can see the ball is centered at address. It will benefit the better players seeking workability and maximum control while having a slight edge in forgiveness.  It will also be a smooth transition for those golfers looking to slowly move their way to a full muscle back design head.  It has a sole that is slightly rounded for some forgiveness, but thin enough to have a nice crisp flow through the turf.

A standard set consists of 5-PW Heads with other clubs available for extra cost.

TSG is able to custom build this with any JDM shafts and grips.  Please contact us for more details and pricing quotes.

*Please note that Miura heads feature a slightly smaller than a standard .355 size hosel.  It will require a slight bore before installation of shafts.

**This is a special order and it will take 3-4 weeks to ship.

Miura Giken CB-8101 Left Handed Iron

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