Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana M+Plus Limited Edition Shaft

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Introducing New Mitsubishi Diamana Series.

The next-generation Diamana™ M+ PLUS Limited Edition Series builds on the success of the Diamana +PLUS Series, by incorporating Mitsubishi Chemical’s own DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber.

The next generation Diamana™ M+PLUS™ Limited Edition incorporates Mitsubishi Chemical’s own DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber into the butt-section of this revised design to deliver enhanced stability and control in hands in this softer, but stable tip design; ideal for players wanting to go lighter and longer.

We have taken the original design with Multi-Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.) and Tough-QURE™ Resin System technology, and incorporated DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber in the butt-section. The result? A versatile, Higher Balance Point, Variable Torque design, and our highest launching profile in the Diamana™ +PLUS Limited Edition Series.


DIALEAD Pitch Fiber

ADiamana™ features our latest prepreg with DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber for outstanding strength and energy transfer with a minimum of shaft deformation. While more costly and difficult to manufacture, the pitch fiber we are using is much stronger than traditional carbon fiber. All prepreg used in our shafts is developed and produced by Mitsubishi Chemical, or our trusted partners, giving us precise control over every step of the process.

Multi-Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.)

Multi-Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.) Technology allows us to layer carbon fiber in different directions along the shaft, to create very specific bend and torsion characteristics for the desired shaft performance. This gives us precise, pinpoint control over stiffness, stability and flex in any profile, while reducing shaft deformation at impact.

Variable Torque

Our Variable Torque system optimizes performance by targeting shaft torque and frequency. Players of all abilities can benefit from a torque and frequency designed to meet their swing speeds.

High Balance Point

Using innovations in material and design, we have raised the balance point of the Diamana™ +PLUS Limited Edition profiles. Raising the balance point creates the potential for lighter swing weights, increased head-speed and distance.

About This Product Listing

- This shaft is available in 3 models based on its weight.

Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana M+Plus Limited Edition Shaft

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