Maruman 2014 Zeta Fairway Wood

Maruman 2014 Zeta Fairway Wood

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Maruman introduces the 2014 Zeta Fairway Wood.  It is made to match the Zeta line of woods and irons that serve a wide range of players.  The Zeta fairway wood focuses on forgiveness and distance with each shot.  It features a brand new design my Maruman that is made to minimize air restriction during the downswing.  It has a 465 custom steel face that is a very thin 1.6mm to promote a very crisp and easy jump off the face.  It has two weight in the sole, a 4gram weight directly in the center and a 19gram weight slightly behind it.  The two weights help stabolize the clubhead at impact while the it also helps lower CG and deepen the MOI to provide any player with the confidence to hit a strong high shot.  The new chemically milled crown piece is only 0.3mm in thickness which makes it very light weight.  This has been a big part of lowering the CG on the club.  It has a large enough size that can be comfortably used off the tee while being forgiving enough to use of the deck.  The sole of the club is made with a slight bulge to help reduce friction upon impact.  The interior of the head also features a unique rib construction which helps absorb vibrations and produce a consistent higher pitch sound at impact.

It comes standard with a new z713 5 (50g) or 6 (60g) carbon shaft.  The 5 series is made for a mid/high launch while the 6 series is for a mid launch.


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