Kenmochi Black Forged Wedge Head Only Non Conforming

Kenmochi Black Forged Wedge Head Only Non Conforming

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Kenmochi's Black non plated raw wedge is premium forged from S25C steel in Japan.

With non conforming square grooves, this wedge is meant to spin like crazy and provide ultimate stopping power and feel around the greens.

Master Norio Kenmochi is a grinder who comes from a long line of swordsmiths in Japan originating from the same villages as legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. With 800 years of sword making tradition in Master Kenmochi's DNA and background, he has used expert grinding skills to create his line of Kenmochi wedges.

All Kenmochi wedges are hand grinded by master Kenmochi and feature minimal offset, a teardrop style shape and an M style grind with trailing edge relief and heel relief. This versatile wedge is easily opened up and workable in any lie.

The Kenmochi Black is available in a wide range of lofts to fit any setup.

48/7 50/8 52/9 54/11 56/11 58/11 60/11

This listing is for the Kenmochi Black non conforming grooves wedge as head only.

It is also available shafted in the shafted listing.

The Kenmochi Black is also available LEFT Handed in 52/9 56/11 and 60/11 lofts.

Kenmochi products begin shipping April 1st, 2010.

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