Katana 2014 Voltio II G HI COR Driver

Katana 2014 Voltio II G HI COR Driver

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Katana introduces the 2014 Voltio II G HI COR Driver.  It is the NON CONFORMING version of the 2014 Voltio II G Driver. It was made with the average player in mind and made to be an anti-slice driver.  The Voltio II line of woods are made for extra stability and forgiveness.  It has a unique interior construction with a U shaped channel towards teh back of the head that equally distributes the weight around the head to creat a well balanced and stable impact with each shot.  It features a new design with 6 weight porsts that are evenly placed on the solde of the driver to promote added stability and efficient energy transfer.  The added weights and mass behind the sweet spot also helps to minimize twisting motion during impact. The weights help the head carry a very low center of gravity for easy high launch.

It is made of ultra thin (NON CONFORMING) titanium face for unmatched distance and a high pitch sound.  It has a 460cc head for maximum forgiveness.  It comes standard with a special Tour AD shaft designed for the Voltio II.  It features a new design with 3 flex points through out the shaft that provide a very smooth transition of energy during motion.  It is made for very consistent feel and energy transfer, ever fo players with slower swings.  It is designed for a high launch, but has a very stable tip section to maximize roll.


Available in 10 and 11 degree lofts and in R2, R, S/R or S flex shafts.

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