Katana 2014 Voltio II Driver

Katana 2014 Voltio II Driver

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Katana Golf introduces the 2014 Voltio II Driver.  The Voltio II line of woods is made specifically for extra stability and forgiveness.  It has a unique interior construction with a U shaped channel towards the back of the head that equally distributes the weighting around the head to create a very well balanced head.  It features a new unique design with 6 weight ports that are evenly placed on the sole of the driver to promote a very stable impact position.  The pattern in which the weights are arranged also helps in concentrating mass around the sweet spot of the club to provide maximum energy transfer with each shot.   The weights also allow the head to be well balanced and minimizes the twisting movement of the head during impact.  The weighting also allows the center of gravity to stay very low for an easy launch off the tee.  

The Voltio II Driver comes with a slightly closed face angle to help square the clubface at impact and prmote a slight draw.  It is made of ultra thin titanium matrrial for expectional rebound off the face and a very crisp and high pitch sound.  It is 460cc for maximum hitting area and added forgiveness. It features a unique polished finish with a luxurious gold sole and  face finish.  It comes standard with a special Tour AD shaft designed specifically for the Voltio II. It features a new design with 3 flex points through out the shaft that provide a very smooth transition of energy during the downswing. It is made for a very consistent soft feel and energy transfer to the ball, even at slower swing speedsd.  It has a mid to low kick point for an easy high launch.  The tip area is made very stable to promote very low spin to maximize roll on the ground.  

Available in 9, 10 and 11 degree lofts and in R2, R, S/R or S flex shafts.

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