Kasco 2014 Dolphin Nickel Chrome Wedge

Kasco 2014 Dolphin Nickel Chrome Wedge

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Kasco 2014 Dolphin Nickel Chrome Wedge is a new uniquely designed wedge made to enhance versatility in various playing conditions.  It was designed with approach shots from the bunker, fairway and rough in mind.  It was named the "Dolphin Wedge" because the 3 bounce design that is divided into the "head", "body", and "fin" areas resemble the smooth body line of a dolphin.

Features and Technology

- Triple Bounce Design with varied bounce angles on the toe, center, and heel areas to accomodate various lies.
- Wide face design with rounded toe for easy contact and added confidence at address.
- Well balanced weight distribution that can be used comfortably with any face angle.
- Shorter neck design that gets slimmer near the head; promotes smooth flow through any type of turf.
- "File Loop Milling" on the face enhances feel and spin control.
- New "Reverse Fuji" shape groove to enhance spin, especially from 5-10 yards out.

Triple Bounce Design

- Toe area is made with least amount of bounce to promote crisp contact on tight lies. 
- Center area is made with moderate bouce to promote smooth flow through the fairway or light rough.
- Heel area is made with highest bounce to promote easy maximum flow on explosion shots out of soft bunkers and deep rough.

File Loop Milling and Reverse Fuji Grooves

- The File Loop Milling is a precision milling on the face with a circular pattern found to maximize friction at impact.
- The "Reverse Fuji" design name comes from Mt. Fuji.  The grooves are made to be wider towards the surface with smooth curved edges resembling the shape of Mt. Fuji.  This groove with wider openings near the club's surface grabs the ball easily at impact and makes it easier to spin the ball.

Lofts and Bounce:

52* loft              Toe: -6*  Center: 3*  Heel: 0*

56 and 58* lofts   Toe: -3*  Center: 6*  Heel: 3*

60* loft              Toe: -1*  Center: 6*  Heel:  4*
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